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Pubs across the UK to benefit from £1,000 business rates discount.

Subject: Public houses

Source: GOV.UK HM Treasury

The new Pubs Relief will be introduced in April, with £1,000 being taken off the business rates bills of small pubs who qualify. As many as 18,000 pubs are expected to benefit from the discount. The relief will come on top of an extended retail discount, which smaller pubs are also eligible for. Those eligible for both reliefs will get up to £13,500 off their annual bills.

The Pubs Relief is part of a package of measures that is being introduced by the government to support local high streets. From April this year:

* small shops and cafes will see their bills halved as the retail discount, currently a third off, is extended to 50%;

* music venues and cinemas will become eligible for the retail discount;

* a £1,500 discount for local newspapers office space will be extended for a further five years

The pubs relief will apply to pubs with a rateable value below £100,000 subject to eligibility. Pubs with a rateable value of below £51,000 already get a one-third reduction in their rates bill through the retail discount. The £1,000 discount is in addition and will apply after the retail discount.

In 2020-21, the Government will increase the existing business rates retail discount (which includes pubs) to 50 per cent, and include live music venues (up to a rateable value of £51,000).

All reliefs are subject to State Aid limits, which limits the amount of support available to any business to €200,000 over a rolling three-year period.


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