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HSE changes CDM regulations
Subject: Health and safety at work/Construction
Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The HSE carried out a consultation in 2014 in view of the need to amend the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations CDM 2007 (SI 2007/320) to implement the provisions of EU Directive 92/57/EEC on minimum safety and health requirements at temporary construction.

The 2007 CDM Regulations will be replaced by new CDM Regulations (CDM 2015). The HSE has published the draft text of CDM 2015 revised in the light of the consultation, together with draft legal guidance. The technical standards set out in CDM 2015 Part 4 will remain substantially the same as those in CDM 2007, as will the targeting and enforcement policy of the HSE.

CDM 2015 is expected to be in force in April 2015, subject to parliamentary approval.


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