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BIS has published interim guidance to apply from 1 January 2014 on the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013. It should be read in conjunction with the draft Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations published on 11 October 2013.

The WEEE Regulations apply to all Electronic and Electronic Equipment. The guidance will be reviewed once the European Commission publish a final version of their own guidance, a draft copy of which is currently available at:

The guidance aims to provide specific advice over and above EU level guidance, and needs to be read in conjunction with that document. This guidance is intended primarily for use by businesses, public and third sector organisations and individuals involved in the sale, purchase and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). There are specific chapters in this guidance covering different groups.

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04/11/2013: WEEE Regulations 2013—Government guidance notes

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