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Printer’s Imprint

The Newspapers, Printers, and Reading Rooms Repeal Act 1869 continued the provisions in the [archaic] Unlawful Societies Act 1799 whereby a printer must print his name and address (the “printer’s imprint”) on any paper or book printed by him for publication or dispersal (and to keep for six months a copy showing the name and address of the person who employed him to print it) and the Act prohibits publication or distribution of any paper or book not bearing the printer’s imprint.

The Printer’s Imprint Act 1961 amended the provisions of the 1869 Act so as to exempt from these requirements words calculated to convey only a greeting, invitation, or other message in a conventional form (e.g., Christmas cards, invitation cards, forms, order books, and catalogues) and any drawings, illustrations, or other pictures representing only a geometrical, floral, or other design, or a registered trade mark or service mark, or any combination thereof.

The Act also provides that the requirement of a printer’s imprint does not extend to the printing by any process of the name, or name and address, or business or profession of any person and the articles in which he deals, or to any papers for the sale of estates or goods by auction or otherwise.

Civil enforcement: it would appear that an interested party making a civil action enforce the above provisions.

Criminal enforcement: failure to comply with the Act is an offence punishable on summary conviction to a fine] of £20.

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