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In order to practise or carry on any business under any name, style or title containing the word “architect”, a person must be registered in Part 1 of the register of architects maintained by the Architects Registration Board (Architects Act 1997).

Employees: a person is not, for the purposes of this restriction, to be treated as not practising by reason only of his being in the employment of another person [the double negative obscures the meaning; in effect, an unregistered person may not use the name "architect" simply because his employer is registered).

Other architect professions: the prohibition of the use of the word “architect” does not affect the use of the designation “naval architect”, “landscape architect” or “golfcourse architect”, or the validity of any building contract in customary form.

Architects Registration Board
The Architects Registration Board (“ARB”) is the UK’s statutory regulator of architects. It maintains the public register which is searchable online.

The ARB enforces professional standards and conduct. It may remove an architect from the register or impose a disciplinary order including a reprimand, monetary penalty or suspension. There is a right of appeal to the High Court or (in Scotland) the Court of Session.

The Royal Institute of British Architects
The Royal Institute of British Architects is the professional association for architects in the UK.

Civil enforcement: the ARB has disciplinary powers over registered architects as noted above.

Criminal enforcement: an unregistered person practising or carrying on business under any name, style or title containing the word “architect” is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine up to level 4 on the standard scale.

For further information, visit the ARB website and the RIBA website

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